BOKU:LITsearch replaces the old library catalogue

Due to the implementation of the new library system ALMA the search-platform „BOKU:LITsearch“ will replace the hitherto existing online-catalogue.

Access to BOKU:LITsearch
Literature search is generally possible without login.
Access to licenced electronic resources (e-books, e-journals) is provided on BOKU-campus without login.
Outside BOKU-campus BOKU staff members and BOKU students have access to licenced content after login with their BOKU account.

Library user account
To log into the library user account BOKU staff members and BOKU students use their BOKU account.
For other users login is provided with the barcode-number of their library card and password.
After login the following services can be used:
– Library account (renewals, reservations)
– Overview of borrowing options for items
– Interlibrary loan

Literature search
The search-platform „BOKU:LITsearch“ provides access to all literature and media offered by the BOKU-library and further resources. A general search produces an extensive title list which can be refined to „Bibliothekskatalog“ (library catalogue) with the facet located at the left bar.

-> Access to BOKU:LITsearch

Due to the recent implementation of the new library system there may well be data corrections and other adjustments to the system.